Frequently Asked Questions



Can we meet you to discuss before we book? TOP

Yes of course, simply go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and send us your information. We will bring a selection of our work with us and have a talk about the sorts of things you would like. And don’t be afraid of suggesting things you have thought about either, at this point you would have picked your venue and visualised your day, and we want to make the day as personal as possible.

How can I secure my date? TOP

A £100 deposit will secure your date and once this has been paid, your price will not be effected by any price increases. You can pay by cash, cheque, bank transfer, PayPal including debit cards via our website here.

What happens after we've paid our deposit? TOP

If you’ve booked us well in advance then you wont hear from us until about 2 months prior to your date ( you’ll have enough to organise) we’ll send a final invoice and then arrange a time and date to meet you both to discuss the details of your day. This is usually at your venue but can be anywhere else to suit.

We can always meet a bit sooner if you like, or before you book if you want to meet us in person first if you haven’t already.

When is the final balance due? TOP

The final balance will be due 6 weeks before your wedding.

How long after my wedding will my photographs be ready? TOP

It depends when your wedding is! During our quieter months we aim to have your gallery up 3 weeks after your big day, in the busy season it can be a wait of 8- 10 weeks but we always try to get them to you as fast as we can. The USB is usually delivered to you a week after that, by us personally or by recorded delivery.

What's a Pre-Wedding Shoot? TOP

Sometimes referred to as an ‘engagement’ shoot, this is a time when we meet up with you and take some shots of you both, we try and make this as natural as possible. It gives you chance to get to know us more, and get used to having a camera pointed at you, that way on your big day it doesn’t seem quite so alien!

Where will our Pre-Wedding Shoot be? TOP

We always try to hold the Pre-Wedding shoot either at your venue or within the Cheshire area. This is mainly because the shoot lasts about an hour and we block book these as we will always do more than one shoot a day. In the instance where your venue is out of the Cheshire area we’ll look to find a suitable replacement location owing to our limited availability at weekends covering Weddings.

We’re getting married at a venue that’s outside of the North West, are you able to cover it? TOP

Yes, we cover the whole of the UK and beyond, although there will be travelling costs associated with this dependant on the distance that we need to travel. Any additional travel fees will be discussed with you prior to booking.

I'm confused about copyrights to my images. TOP

This is a phrase which is banded about and does instil some worry to couples, there is nothing to worry about. Once you have paid in full, the images you receive are yours to do with as you wish.

Are you insured? TOP

Yes, we are insured for all aspects of our business area, not just wedding photography.

There's part of a package we don't want, will this reduce the cost? TOP

Unfortunately not.