About Ant & Lynsay

Icon was founded by us, Ant and Lynsay. We both have years of professional photographic expertise behind us and believe in creating a calm and fun environment and work together to carry this ethos with us in all we do.


The Icon Studio Team: Ant and Lynsay

We both studied Photography and Fine Art at University so you can rest assured that we have a solid understanding of our field. Not only do we understand how to use a camera, but we also thrive on creating a piece of art, always looking to add a creative edge to our work.

When we started Icon we wanted to make sure we created an environment that we would be happy to be in if we were at a wedding, this is where our relaxed, natural style was born. We also felt it was just as important to tell the grooms story as well as the bride. So we start the day with Ant capturing the Groom getting ready and Lynsay photographing the Brides preparation.

Please have a good look through our site and galleries to get a feel for our style and what we offer. Feel free to contact us – we will always reply as quickly as we can.