About Ant & Lynsay

Icon was founded by us, Ant and Lynsay. We both have years of professional photographic expertise behind us and believe in creating a calm and fun environment and work together to carry this ethos with us in all we do.


The Icon Studio Team: Ant and Lynsay

Hi I’m Ant and here’s a little about me!

Where did it start? I studied Photography and Fine Art at University and always loved doing things that were a bit out there. Landscapes were and still are my passion, but don’t just think of sunsets and undulating hills, think abandoned spaces, subways and urban spaces, both night and day. After graduating, my camera kind of stuck with me through most things, until I finally starting making a living from it, doing what I think is the most awesome job; shooting the happiest of happy days.

My other loves .. A good Sunday roast (I’m a Yorkshire man after all!), playing lots of guitar, reading horror stuff, you can’t beat Stephen King; and most of all, entertaining my two amazing little people!

Hello! I’m Lynsay the other half of Icon and I guess if you’re here you’d like to know a little more about me - I have a tendency to witter so I’ll keep it brief!

Where did it start? I studied Criminology & Photography at University after my dad telling me that I would never make a living out of using a camera, I had to pick something with a bit of dad credibility! I’m sure he still thinks because I don’t work 9-5 that I don’t have a ‘real’ job! But I proved him wrong and now I have literally the best job in the world!

My other loves .. aside from my small human who is my partner in crime in everything, I love walks outdoors anywhere! Pink Gin & Tonic, I loved it before it was fashionable! and travelling when I get the chance!