Rowton Hall

Wedding Photography Cheshire - Rowton Hall, Chester.

Carol and Kurt said their I Do's at Rowton Hall over the summer, and we were lucky enough to capture it.

Now weddings wouldn't be weddings if there wasn't something that didn't quite go to plan, and we know that if sometimes things don't go as planned - it can work out for the best! Both Carol and Kurt decided to get ready at Rowton Hall, and luckily Carol had had her make up finished  just as the electricity went off in a major power cut which lasted for over 20 minutes right before the ceremony.

They were due to marry in beautiful suite which was been finished with lots of ivy and outdoorsy kind of theme, but the lack of power meant the suite was now pitch black! So the decision was made to move the entire wedding outdoors, something which Carol had really wanted before the wedding but was told it wasn't possible. What ensued was the most beautiful outdoor wedding, in amazing sunshine.

It was so hard picking which images to feature in this blog but with an outdoor venue and speeches that were truly hilarious we hope it gives a true snapshot into their day.

Check out a selection of images from their day below.