Heaton House Farm

Wedding Photography at Heaton House Farm, Cheshire.

Heaton House Farm finally we caught you! When you’ve been photographing weddings for as long as we have, there are always venues that seem to miss you, you can shoot at hundreds of venues but then there are always a few that seem to slip through the net, Heaton House Farm is no longer one of those venues for us.

We knew Chris and Vicky from a previous wedding, we’d photographed Chris’s sisters wedding a couple of years ago and it was such a pleasure to catch up with family and friends that we’d met at their wedding. Vicky and Chris both got ready at home, on the Wirral and after a church ceremony they headed to Heaton House Farm to carry on their celebrations.

If you know Heaton House Farm, then you’ll know about ‘the tree’ - the infamous tree that sits in prime position as you look out over the grounds and stunning views that this venue offers. Couple this tree with a love for Jack Johnson and we captured a requested shot for Vicky & Chris which mimicked the ‘In-between Dreams’ album cover.

I could happily write about this wedding for another few paragraphs but I won’t, instead check out a selection of their gallery below!

Lyns xx