Dunwood Hall

Wedding Photography Cheshire, Dunwood Hall Shropshire

We love shooting at new venues and this place is an absolute find! Dunwood Hall is based just outside of Leek and isn’t too far from The Ashes Wedding Venue in Endon. We love travelling down this way as the landscape is a far cry from the Cheshire plains that we all know and love.

I started the morning with Emily at her quaint little cottage along with her bridesmaids and brand new niece ( yes it made me very broody!) where they all got ready before the journey to Dunwood. A special mention has to go to Tom’s shed, from what I understand it was his pride and joy and Em said he’d be over the moon that the shed had made it in to the wedding photo’s! This wedding was again during not only our busiest time of the year but also the weeks of summer sunshine that blessed the UK, which meant that we were able to capture their big day taking full advantage of the stunning venue that these guys had chosen.

Arriving at Dunwood Hall you instantly get the impression that this place is special and we knew it was going to have some hidden gems, I especially love the shot where we can see Tom waiting for Emily and Emily walking into the room with her dad - this shot is all Ant’s doing making the most of the fish eye lens he loves to get some really different takes on the ceremony!

Once the I Do’s were done it was back outside to soak up the sunshine and begin the celebrations while we do what we do best - capture it all from a distance. A shot that we absolutely loved putting together was the splashing in the pool with the bridal party - we’ve mentioned it was a hot hot hot day so these guys didn’t take any persuading that it was a good idea and we think the shot looks just awesome!

Check out some more of Emily and Tom’s big day at Dunwood Hall below.